[arch-dev-public] pkgstats: first results

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Sun Nov 9 12:51:20 EST 2008

nice work. 

openoffice-spell-en is still installed on 16,43%. maybe we should run
pacman -Qm after each -Syu. our community is to lazy to read
post.install messages.

i think our core and extra repos are in a good state and worth their
names. When the next extra cleanup will happen we can look what
packages with less than 1% usage can be moved out.

the community repo is still a mess. it seems the TUs just put in what
they like not what is requested by the community. there are still
many packages with more than 50 votes waiting in unsupported AUR. Maybe
a monthly pkg move in/out should be installed by the TUs.


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