[arch-dev-public] RFC: crda PKBUILD

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Nov 28 08:03:47 EST 2008

Linux 2.6.28 will support a new wireless regulatory domain 
infrastructure. Instead of the limited number of hardcoded regulatory 
domains in cfg80211 (EU, JP, US), there will be a userspace daemon that 
manages regulatory domains. We could still enable the "old" regulatory 
domain in the kernel. However, I would like to disable it, so kernel26 
will have dependency (or optdependency) on crda (as would 
compat-wireless, if someone builds it with the new regulatory framework 

The package includes the crda and regdbdump binaries, as well as a 
binary regulatory.bin database and a udev rule. John Linville's RSA 
public key is hardcoded in both crda and regdbdump, so they will only 
accept regulatory.bin files signed by him. (The build system allows to 
include other public keys and the data to build the regulatory.bin is 
publicly available.)

I am attaching the PKGBUILD for crda.
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