[arch-dev-public] Conflicting PKGBUILDs between trunk and repos

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sun Sep 7 14:30:46 EDT 2008

Thayer Williams schrieb:
> I'm trying to commit a pkgrel bump on gtk-xfce-engine, but I keep
> encountered an svn conflict on the PKGBUILDs. I followed the
> instructions to resolve and commit, but the repos/ subdirs are still
> showing the old PKGBUILD file even though the trunk has been updated.
> Is there something I'm missing here?  A command perhaps to force the update?

First of all, have you run svn up on trunk and repos (or their parent) 
before you started working? You should always do that.

You could always delete the repos/ directory and svn up it again, then 
run archrelease again. If that doesn't work, you need someone who really 
knows subversion.

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