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Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Wed Sep 10 06:07:16 EDT 2008

Firmicus schrieb:
> Some of you will remember that I have been hired as a dev to bring 
> texlive to extra... This I hope is very soon going to happen.

Good. I remember having trouble installing TeXLive from community once 
because there were no sane dependencies at all. I hope that is now fixed.

> TeXLive 2008 has been released last week, and after several days of 
> preparation, I am (almost) ready to release the pkgs (perhaps after a 
> few days spent in testing? what do you think?)

I do not think that is necessary, as these packages have never been in 
extra. Note that for extra packages, whether to put them in testing or 
not is completely up to you (an exception is SONAME bumps in libraries, 
those must go to testing first).

> Now since I have not yet played with the dev tools at all since joining 
> the team, I want to ask a few questions pertaining to the dev wiki 
> "HOWTO be a packager". Your answers should help me avoid a situation 
> where Allan would start saying "Firmicus broke it" ;)
> So here it goes:
> I have added the packages to svn and commited them in the trunk. So far 
> so good. Now suppose I want to upload them to testing, so I'll run 
> testingpkg for the upload and then /arch/db-testing on gerolde. OK. What 
> I find unclear is when one needs to "tag" releases (with archrelease). 
> Is this for special situations only?

archrelease is called by testingpkg/extrapkg automatically.

> Also, concerning the svn $Id tag, should I add them to all my new 
> PKGBUILDs in trunk?

Yes, add # $Id: $ to every file. You also have to use
   svn propset svn:keywords "Id" my-package/trunk/PKGBUILD
on every PKGBUILD file so Subversion will work.

> One more thing: source files for everything except the binary sources 
> are bundled by myself and will be put on 
> dev.archlinux.org/~francois/src/. Note that this can add up to several 
> hundred MB! Please tell me if this is going to be a problem. (The reason 
> for this is that the individual TL packages are continuously updated on 
> http://mirror.ctan.org/systems/texlive/tlnet/2008/archive/, so any 
> PKGBUILD using these would be based on a constantly moving target. 
> Bundling my own sources at each release is I think the most practical 
> solution. The sources have a CONTENTS file which indicates the revision 
> number of each TeXLive package it provides).

You have no other choice here. Just make sure you don't fill the hard 
drive completely. If there is a space problem that is to be solved by 
upgrading the hard drives and should be discussed here. Just watch df -h 
while you're doing it.

> Ah, and my packages have lzma-utils in the makedepends array, which is 
> currently in community. Should I move it to extra?


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