[arch-dev-public] TeXLive

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Wed Sep 10 08:25:00 EDT 2008

Firmicus schrieb:
> Thomas Bächler a écrit :
>> Good. I remember having trouble installing TeXLive from community once 
>> because there were no sane dependencies at all. I hope that is now fixed.
> That's too harsh. There was only one dependency problem I can remember 
> and it was fixed quickly. Otherwise you could have filed a bug report on 
> flyspray ;)

Yeah, I didn't have time and gave up. But if I remember correctly, it 
was pretty screwed up. I'll try your new packages for 2008 and report 
anything that's wrong. No need to bitch about old packages.

>> Yes, add # $Id: $ to every file. You also have to use
>>   svn propset svn:keywords "Id" my-package/trunk/PKGBUILD
>> on every PKGBUILD file so Subversion will work.
> Will do.

I guess you noticed, but still, I wrote it wrong: We only add # $Id: $ 
to every PKGBUILD file, not to every file like I wrote above. You can of 
course - at your discretion - add it to other files as well. Just keep 
in mind that this will invalidate md5sums for source files every time 
you commit, but can be useful for .install files.

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