[arch-dev-public] Django 1.0 != gerolde -Syu

Dusty Phillips buchuki at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 20:01:11 EDT 2008

2008/9/8 Dusty Phillips <buchuki at gmail.com>:
> 2008/9/8 Douglas Soares de Andrade <dsandrade at gmail.com>:
>> Dusty Phillips escreveu:
>>> Hey yall,
>>> Looks like Douglas is on top of things as usual and upgraded Django in
>>> our repos from 0.96 to 1.0. This is great, the new django is flipping
>>> awesome and I've been using the svn version for some other projects
>>> for quite a while now. I can't wait to throw some of the new features
>>> and code at archweb_[pub|dev]
>>> BUT I don't have time to do the upgrade right now. If you -Syu on
>>> gerolde it will break archweb pretty hard. So I suggest adding it to
>>> IgnorePkg for a bit. We're going to have to coordinate a session where
>>> I fix the code locally and we upgrade django and archweb at the same
>>> time. I'm not sure how long it will take to port the code; the last
>>> project I ported was about 20 times bigger than this and it only took
>>> an hour, but I can't promise that. How long before I have time to port
>>> the code is going to be between two weeks and 25 years.
>>> Thought I'd mention this before people start blaming me for not having
>>> a website. =)
>> Hi all,
>> Thanks for sending this email, Dusty. Things are pretty different in
>> Django 1.0 and we should really put it in the Ignore list. I will try to
>> port the archweb code to let us update gerolde (when needed) without
>> this kind of worry.
> I can do it sometime after September 17th if you're busy until then.
> Otherwise, let me know if and when you're working on it so we don't
> duplicate effort; it shouldn't take too long (can probably be done in
> one sitting) but we can stuff it in a separate branch if we both want
> to work on it. I have five versions of django installed locally right
> now (0.95, 0.96, two random svn checkouts for different projects, and
> 1.0), so I can test on pretty much anything. :-D

Hey Douglas,

I'm working on the archweb_dev code right now, just wanted to give a heads
up in case you intend to do anything with it in the next couple days so we don't
duplicate effort.


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