[arch-dev-public] rebuild status of mysql and libcap?

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Apr 7 09:32:41 EDT 2009

Douglas Soares de Andrade schrieb:
> I will check the remaining mysql deps tonight so we can move asap to extra.
> btw, is anyone having issues with the mysql package starting (or failing to 
> start at the boot time ?)
> There is an user proposing to increase the delay to see if it started to 
> 30secs but im TOTALLY AGAINST that, im not having any kind of problems, is any 
> of you having ?

There was a broken rc.d script that never started in an earlier version, 
but it works again now. IIRC, the problem was that the pidfile created 
by mysql is not in /var/run and thus is not deleted at boot time.

The current method of running pidof is that a user might run his own 
mysqld (like nepomuk does in its default settings) and our rc.d script 
will kill that.

Also, the pidfile in /var/lib/mysql is not used atm. A proper script should:
1) Copy the pidfile from /var/lib/mysql/$HOSTNAME.pid to /var/run when 
starting (instead of running pidof).
2) When stopping, check if the process listed in /var/run/mysqld.pid is 
still running and kill only that.
None of this will use pidof for anything!

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