[arch-dev-public] Mplayer in two separate packages

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Sat Apr 18 12:51:36 EDT 2009

Hugo Doria schrieb:
> There is an old feature request for mplayer [1]: create it using two
> separate packages, one with only the CLI version and one for the GUI.
> There are some reasons for this:
> 1) By default the GUI is not enabled on mplayer
> 2) The package will not depend on gtk2
> 3) The user will be able to choose which GUI he wants to use. Now
> gmplayer is installed, even when the user wants to use another GUI, or
> do not use a GUI at all.
> Obviously there are some points that need to be discussed:
> 1) We do not usually split packages. Maybe this case is not a real
> division of packages because, by default, the GUI is not compiled.
> Don't know.

This is the exact reason why I always refused to do that: The mplayer 
team encourages to generate one package with and one without the GUI, 
but their build system suggests the opposite:
You can not split mplayer into a CLI and a GUI part. If you enable the 
GUI, it is compiled into one binary with all the other mplayer code. 
Having the same code in the repo twice and having to recompile it twice 
on each change is stupid IMO. If the mplayer peeps want us to separate 
this into two packages, I want them to separate the player and the GUI 
into two binaries which don't duplicate code.

My vote is: Keep one package. I'd prefer the one without GUI, but I 
don't care.

> 2) What do we do with the GUI version? Keep it on [extra] or move to
> community/AUR?

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