[arch-dev-public] gcc-4.4.0 toolchain rebuild with query about gcc-gcj and related packages

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sat Apr 25 21:16:05 EDT 2009

Andreas Radke wrote:
> GCC is broken. German website www.heise.de proved new gcc can't compile
> SPEC suite. See gcc main mailing list. They're working on a fix.

Yeah, I have seen that.  It is an x87 only bug so nothing too bad... 
(only a rated a P3 on the GCC tracker).  I am keeping an eye out for the 
patch to be pushed.

> Question: Is it safe to build regular packages except kernel/modules in
> testing with new toolchain and move them later to core/extra before the
> toolchain moves?

I built the kernel to test if the toolchain was good.  I could still 
boot with the downgraded toolchain afterwards.  So, it is likely to be safe.


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