[arch-dev-public] 2009.08 snapshot RC/Final and core/testing

Gerhard Brauer gerhard.brauer at web.de
Mon Aug 3 10:59:57 EDT 2009

Am Montag, den 03.08.2009, 11:48 +0200 schrieb Gerhard Brauer:
> Hi,
> as planned we want to build today our RC. Do you plan to move today some
> affected packages from testing to core? So we should wait some hours...

Ok, all packages for the vc/*->tty* transition seems now in core:
filesystem 2009.07-1
initscripts 2009.07-3
syslog-ng 3.0.3-2
udev 141-5

> We like to have the initscripts/udev/mkinitcpio/... package block and
> also pacman 3.3 on the Final images.

Could you say something about:
mkinitcpio 0.5.26-1
udev 145-1 (This is fast than hell in my virtualbox, but AFAIK not a
MUST for the isos..)
and pacman 3.3.0-2.

> Final (according to our plan) is latest on 09.August. Do you think that
> affected packages are in core before this day? 

> Gerhard

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