[arch-dev-public] chroots config question

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Tue Dec 8 18:20:18 EST 2009

Allan McRae wrote:
> Paul Mattal wrote:
>> Regarding the below:
>> http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/DeveloperWiki:Building_in_a_Clean_Chroot 
>> It reads:
>> "The -C and -M flags are optional, but it is recommended to provide 
>> these with clean pacman.conf and makepkg.conf files (directly from the 
>> pacman package) during first creation of clean chroot to ensure lack 
>> of user specific adjustments."
>> I think this is misleading. If you *don't* provide these arguments, 
>> what you get is the default config files directly from the pacman 
>> package, right? So the desired thing in most circumstances is, 
>> presumably, NOT to override?
> I believe it copies the local ones on your file system.  Perhaps that 
> should be changed...

After building my chroot, the resulting pacman.conf inside it was 
different than my /etc/pacman.conf. I didn't see anything in 
mkarchroot to suggest it was doing anything special to those files 
unless the options are passed in, so it seemed to me like it must 
be, by default, just installing the default ones along with the 
pacman package.

Can anyone confirm that's the intended behavior? It seems to be how 
it works, unless I'm missing something.

- P

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