[arch-dev-public] [signoff] man-db 2.5.3-1 replacing man

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Wed Feb 18 17:10:49 EST 2009

I've built man-db based on the package in community adding some changes
I have found in a very good written page in the LFS book:


You can read there all about man page encoding and the expected
locations and how to recode them. Therefor I have added the LFS
recode script. This will allow us to recode broken man-pages when we
will get bugreports. This should improve the current situation a lot.

Maybe we should write down later into the packager guide how to fix
broken manpages, maybe even into the public wiki.

I didn't want to add a new system user "man" as the community package
does. It seems to run fine without serious security concerns for me. If
you think different feel free to drop a mail here.

It's not critical to create a database after installation. So I left
out any install message. The cronjob will do this on its next run. You
can surely run mandb manually to see how it goes.

All local tests have worked well. So I start a signoff thread now.


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