[arch-dev-public] My status, and future

Eduardo Romero k3nsai at gmail.com
Sun Jan 4 15:05:02 EST 2009


As many of you know by now, I have been brought up to the Arch Linux
Team mostly for the Arch Linux Newsletter. Since then I have also been
interested in some packages, which I have adopted and maintained. But,
nothing last forever, the time I had to do all this things have been
reduced greatly, and will be reduced furthermore when this next
University semester arrives, which hopefully will be my last. Between
work and University, I am going to only have Saturday and Sunday to
actually use my computer in the way I would like. But I have a fiancee
leaving me with only Sunday free at the most.

Because of this, I have come up with a plan, I will orphan all my
packages, but wine I will keep. And will focus on the newsletter, though
in a reduced mode, since (pending announcement) I plan to delegate more
power to another developer.

I will orphan:
nautilus-sendto, libgphoto2, gphoto2, gtkam, libexif-gtk, and sbackup

Also, I won't be fixing anymore bugs for those packages, none has bugs
right now anyways. But wicd which I upgraded some time ago have one bug
open, which I won't fix, since I don't have the time, nor the way of
testing it anymore, so if you are so kind, remove the assignment to me
from that bug.

All things, said, I wish I can focus in improving the newsletter in ways
I have always thought possible, but never put much attention to. Expect
to hear more from me, and still be involved, I will still try to help as
much as I can. This is not a "I will gradually leave" is a "Soon I'll be
back even stronger".


Eduardo "kensai" Romero 

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