[arch-dev-public] Fixing Perl 5.10.0

Firmicus Firmicus at gmx.net
Tue Jul 7 08:53:21 EDT 2009

I've sent the following message to Kevin a week ago, but since he has
not responded, I thought it was best to raise the issue on this list.


Perl 5.10.0 suffers from a few bugs, which have been fixed in
Strawberry Perl (for Windows) and Debian.

I would really like to apply the latest Debian patch for Perl 5.10.0
(description at http://patch-tracking.debian.net/package/perl/5.10.0-23
and patch at
I know our our policy is to be as vanilla as possible, but take it as
the exception that confirms the rule
(and a consequence of the fact that perl releases occur at an extremely
slow pace).

My PKGBUILD and the debian patch with my modifications to get
rid of Debian-specific stuff are here:
It compiles well here and "make test" passes all the tests. I have used it
without problem for two weeks now.
If you agree, I can upload the packages for both arches to testing this

NB: the Debian patch takes care of FS#13901
BTW, any opinion on FS#10971 and FS#13808 ?


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