[arch-dev-public] News item: vc/* to tty* transition

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Thu Jul 23 09:33:49 EDT 2009

Allan McRae schrieb:
> I suppose we need a news item for this so here is a draft:
> [draft]
> Transition from vc/* to tty* standard

Wrong title. It should be along the lines of "/dev layout cleanup". The 
/dev layout has been cleaned up to comply to the device names specified 
in the Linux kernel documentation. We had some legacy left from our 
devfs days, they have now been removed. The vc/*->tty* transition is 
just the most problematic.

> The initscripts update requires adjusting the /etc/inittab file to refer 
> to tty* instead of vc/*.  Due to severe system breakages if this file is 
> not updated, this will be automatically handled by pacman.  The original 
> /etc/inittab file is saved as /etc/inittab.pacsave.  However, it is 
> important that all users check the changes made to this file (and even 
> better, completely merge the .pacnew file).

It should be made clearer what happens:
package/inittab -> inittab.pacnew
system/inittab -> inittab.pacsave
system/inittab --sed--> inittab

Also, I really forgot to check it carefully: Do you have a "if [ -f 
/etc/inittab.pacnew ]" around the whole block that modifies the inittab?

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