[arch-dev-public] [kde-unstable] re-enabled

Pierre Schmitz pierre at archlinux.de
Thu Jun 11 19:09:02 EDT 2009

Am Sonntag 07 Juni 2009 14:40:08 schrieb Andrea Scarpino:
> Pierre talked with Allan who said that pacman 3.3 will be out soon, so
> we are working to split KDE packages. Will be nice to have splitted
> packages in time to the new KDE release.

I just added the first try of splitted KDE packages (x86_64) to the kde-
unstable repo. The i686 ones will be built overnight.

I switched to a svn snapshot so we have a better chance to catch all the 
latest bugs. -)

Be aware that at the moment a smooth update is not possible. One problem is 
that you cannot tell pacman to install a group from a special repo.

If we find a good solution for this issue we could provide some kind of update 

I should be able to provide an update script by tomorrow.


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