[arch-dev-public] koffice rebuild - pqxx incompatibility

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 12:22:52 EDT 2009

On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 5:46 AM, Ronald van Haren <pressh at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I was going to rebuild koffice against wv2 (FS#13671), but it appears
> koffice cannot be build against libpqxx>=3.0
> Kexi uses this for the postgresql backend.
> As I cannot find a patch and it should take too long anymore before
> koffie2 will be released so I don't feel like putting too much effort
> in it, there are two things I can do:
> - disable postgresql backend
> - temporarily add a libpqxx2 package to extra
> Any preferences?

I don't have a preference, but adding libpqxx2 is probably the cleanest solution

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