[arch-dev-public] ttf-ms-fonts (WAS: Re: [pacman-dev] [PATCH] New feature: files verification)

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Mon Mar 30 06:17:07 EDT 2009

Eric Bélanger schrieb:
>>> I added this because of some fonts package which has files in /tmp.
>> If a package has files in /tmp, it should be reported here, as it is
>> definitely a bug in the package! It is not pacman's responsibility to fix
>> this, but the packager's.
> I guess he's talking about ttf-ms-fonts. The files that initially get
> installed in /tmp are extracted/installed properly afterwards by the
> .install script.  I'm not sure why this is done but it might be a
> license restriction.

That package has no place in Arch anyway. It's non-free, unnecessary and 
improperly packaged. There are good alternatives (ttf-freefont should be 
okay, also the standard Xorg fonts are enough IMO). AUR has a proper 
package for this, so people who need it can build that.

I say we drop it, as it does not meet Arch's packaging standards.

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