[arch-dev-public] testing repo clean-up

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sun May 31 02:21:01 EDT 2009

Allan McRae wrote:
> Allan McRae wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I thought that with no major rebuilds happening now, it would be good 
>> to get [testing] as cleared out as possible.  Here is a summary of 
>> what is in the repo:
> Bump.  Anyone know anything about these in particular?
>> Is this a leftover from the libcap rebuilds?
>> proftpd
> Has someone done these for the cppcommon2 rebuild but not actually 
> updated cppcommon2 first...
>> Some sort of rebuild - can these be moved?
>> ccrtp
>> libzrtpcpp (out-of-date)

OK, it appears no-one know why these are in [testing].  Any objections 
to me just moving them?  They have been there over a month with no 


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