[arch-dev-public] [signoff] xz-utils and libarchive-2.7.0-2

Firmicus Firmicus at gmx.net
Sun May 31 16:53:34 EDT 2009

Thomas Bächler a écrit :
> Pierre Schmitz schrieb:
>> Hi devs,
>> we had a long discussion about xz/lzma support some time ago. So I
>> finally added xz-utils to testing and rebuild libarchive to make use
>> of it.
>> If everything is OK we can move both to core and remove lzma-utils
>> from extra.
>> I don't know if anything else has to be recompiled to add support for
>> xz/lzma.
>> PS: you can build xz archive with bsdtar (part of libarchive).
>> PPS: the git version of pacman/makepkg (future 3.3) should support
>> the xz format (not tested)
> bsdtar can create .tar.xz archives with compression level 9 (at least
> it claims it does, I added --option xz:compression=9 or so) - however,
> if I unxz them and xz -9 them again (or do that to any tar archives),
> bsdtar cannot extract them. This is the same for -7 and -8. pacman is
> therefore also unable to read those archives. No idea why, but I
> thought I'd mention it.

I've done similar tests a little while ago, and got similar results. I
have peeked at the code of bsdtar and if I remember correctly, support
for xz appeared to be quite patchy, more a work-in-progress kind of
state. Same thing with gnu tar (it has option --lzma to uncompress, but
it cannot yet compress). I expected a command for xz/lzma (akin to j for
bz2), but neither tar nor bsdtar has such a thing yet. Hopefully this
this will be implemented soon, as the xz format is about to become
relatively widespread.


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