[arch-dev-public] [signoff] xz-utils and libarchive-2.7.0-2

Firmicus Firmicus at gmx.net
Sun May 31 17:18:17 EDT 2009

Pierre Schmitz a écrit :
> Am Sonntag 31 Mai 2009 22:53:34 schrieb Firmicus:
>>  I expected a command for xz/lzma (akin to j for
>> bz2), but neither tar nor bsdtar has such a thing yet. Hopefully this
>> this will be implemented soon, as the xz format is about to become
>> relatively widespread.
> Both, gnu tar and bsdtar support the -J switch to compress and uncompress xz 
> archives. Did you try the recent packages from testing?

Oh neat! I'll try them. Thanks!

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