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2009/11/21 Allan McRae <allan at archlinux.org>:
> There have been plenty of bugs about enabling pulseaudio support in various
> packages but they are routinely closed with a "deferred until it is in
> [extra]" message.  To get better audio support we would probably want to
> bring in at least pulseaudio, oss and portaudio from [community].

I maintain pulse in [community] and couldn't agree more, this package
should go to [extra], since it is a makedepend for a lot of packages
which many users have to rebuild by themselves at the moment.

> So is there a current dev willing to maintain these?

If anybody wants to step up, get in touch with me, I can recap on the
current package situation and give a lot of tips for a mostly
hassle-free maintenance.

Since as far as I know not all devs read this ml, it could be a good
idea if someone forwarded this message to arch-dev-public.


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