[arch-dev-public] heimdal-1.3.1 rebuild

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Wed Nov 25 04:09:37 EST 2009

Allan McRae wrote:
> Allan McRae wrote:
>> Allan McRae wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I just put up an internal TODO list for the heimdal update for 
>>> [core]/[extra].  There is a soname bump in libhx509.  I will do some 
>>> more testing and build at least neon, subversion and openssh before 
>>> uploading.
>> This will be slightly delayed...
>> I have found an issue with heimdal headers and C++, which cause (e.g.) 
>> CUPS not to compile.  I have sent a simple patch upstream, but I want 
>> to wait to get their comments before pushing it to our repos.
> Upstream have applied a version of my patch which will be in there next 
> release so I am happy patching our package and the rebuild is a go!
> As always, this is a big rebuild and if you upgrade now then things 
> might stop working.  I have built heimdal, openssh, neon, subversion, 
> (lib)cups and gtk2 so it should not be too bad...
> Go rebuild team!

Just so people using [testing] know the status of this rebuild (because 
they are all reading this list, right?), there is only really samba and 
nfs-utils left to go.


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