[arch-dev-public] Re-splitting gcc-{fortran,objc}?

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Oct 16 11:09:38 EDT 2009

Allan McRae schrieb:
> So if splitting these is OK:
> 1) where do fortran and objc libs go?  gcc-libs or their own package.  
> The later requires dependency fixing...
> 2) can I bring in a gcc-ada package at the same time?  I have a local 
> gcc package that I can use to bootstrap it.
> Allan

In short, this is what I'd prefer:

1) One big gcc PKGBUILD
2) gcc package with gcc and g++ (not more)
3) gcc-libs package with the gcc and g++ libs (not more)
4) gcc-$lang package
5) If you want, gcc-$lang-libs package - I don't use anything besides C 
and C++, so I don't care if you split 4) and 5) or not - but I am in 
favor of splitting away 4) from 1).

About ada - I don't use it, but I don't have objections. Just don't 
break the gcc/gcc-libs logic for any C/C++ package (from what I read so 
far, I assume this won't happen).

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