[arch-dev-public] Fwd: Arch at the FOSDEM 2010 Distribution Miniconf ?

Dieter Plaetinck dieter at plaetinck.be
Thu Oct 29 15:32:48 EDT 2009

On Tue, 27 Oct 2009 09:32:49 +0100
Dieter Plaetinck <dieter at plaetinck.be> wrote:

> On Mon, 26 Oct 2009 21:27:28 -0500
> Aaron Griffin <aaronmgriffin at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi Aaron
> > 
> > Is Arch interested in joining the party ?
> > http://fosdem.org/2010/distrominiconf
> > 
> > If so, could you please spread the word around your community of
> > contributors ? Thanks :)

btw, their question "interested in joining the party?" is pretty vague,
but on several places they mention that the response from arch is still

anyway, you could let them know that at least one developer is
interested.  i might propose a subject and/or work on input for certain
topics that interest me, but if it happens to turn out that none of the
topics seem interesting enough to me i might not contribute at all.

would that be a good answer?


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