[arch-dev-public] [signoff] Please test new db-scripts

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Fri Sep 18 16:22:38 EDT 2009

See /arch-test/

This should have a better cleanup script, no more dependence on
makepkg.conf, improved integrity check, scripts for community-testing
and a bunch more things.

Eric, I'm adjusting the sourceball cron job now, because you like that :)

Aaron Griffin (20):
      Add db-community
      Replace DB_COMPRESSION with DBEXT in the config
      Uncomment BUILDSCRIPT in the config file
      Remove dependence on makepkg.conf
      Fix an error in db-move due to DBEXT commit
      Replace a string compare with a -f check
      Remove find-dupes script (unused)
      More makepkg.conf removal - prefer toplevel config
      More removal of DB_COMPRESSION from cron jobs
      Use db-functions file everywhere
      Replace pkgname with pkgbase, for split packages
      Add SRCEXT to config
      Quiet sourceball output when license is skipped
      sourceballs: explicitly add the 'any' arch
      Added sourceballs.force entries
      Minor: remove unused variable
      Remove '$arch' from file loop
      Collapse duplicate loops for staging removal
      ftpdir-cleanup: get rid of local getpkgname
      ftpdir-cleanup: Additional getpkgname cleanup

Dan McGee (5):
      Add DB_COMPRESSION var to all scripts that need it
      Be more careful with config file inclusion
      Add new get_repos_for_host() function
      Ensure you don't update DBs on the wrong server
      Maybe I should make the script really adjust permissions

Daniel J Griffiths (3):
      Add db-community-testing
      Add "testing to repo" scripts for community
      Add "testing to repo" for any pkgs in community

Eric Bélanger (2):
      Variable rename fix: SVN_PATH -> SVNREPO
      Fix arch parameter handling in db-remove

Francois Charette (2):
      added testing2...-any scripts
      Remove pkg from $stagedir if already in FTP repo

Henning Garus (2):
      check_packages.py: Allow multiple abs-trees
      Add db comparison to integrity check

Thomas Bächler (3):
      Avoid confusing messages and potential problems when no packages
are present
      Make ftpdir-cleanup NOT delete all packages if databas extraction fails
      Add DB_COMPRESSION='gz', as this has been removed from makepkg.conf

Xavier Chantry (7):
      check_packages : add support for split packages.
      add deplist to hierarchy problems
      add the repo/ info to most results, and sort them
      improve compute_dep algorithm
      parse_pkgbuilds : simple performance tweak
      improve the way parse_pkgbuilds.sh is called
      parse_pkgbuilds.sh : fix pkgbase handling

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