[arch-dev-public] [signoff] lvm2/device-mapper 2.02.78-1

Eric Bélanger snowmaniscool at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 01:47:50 EST 2010


lvm2/device-mapper 2.02.78-1 are in testing. Please test and signoff.
Signoffs from users are welcome.

- Minor upstream update. ChangeLog below.

Version 2.02.78 - 6th December 2010
  Abort if segment tag allocation fails in pool format _add_stripe_seg.
  Abort in _mirrored_transient_status if referenced log/image LV is not active.
  Add backtraces for dev_set() and dev_close_immediate() errors in set_lv().
  Log any unlink() error in clvmd remove_lockfile().
  Log any pipe write() or close() errors in clvmd child_init_signal().
  Detect if orphan vginfo was lost from cache before _lvmcache_update_vgname().
  Do a full rescan if some device is missing in lvm1 format read_pvs_in_vg.
  Add missing check that dm_pool_create succeeded in write_config_node().
  Use dm_snprintf in clvmd-command.c to ensure an overlong buffer is truncated.
  Don't write to buffer if its reallocation failed in clvmd do_command().
  Switch from float to fixed point percentage handling.
  Avoid misleading missing PV warnings in vgextend --restoremissing.
  Fix memory leak when VG allocation policy in metadata is invalid.
  Ignore unrecognised allocation policy found in metadata instead of aborting.
  Factor out tag printing into _out_tags and avoid leaking string buffer.
  Remove some unused variables & assignments.
  Add missing vg_release calls in _vg_read_by_vgid.
  Fix debug logging of derived flag LCK_CACHE in clvmd.
  Fix test for no system_dir in _init_backup().
  Disallow lvconvert ops that both allocate & free supplied PEs in a single cmd.
  Fix liblvm seg_size to give bytes not sectors.
  Add functions to look up LV/PV by name/uuid to liblvm.
  Free cmd_context if fallback to LVM1 fails in lvm2_main().
  Free device name buffer in dmsetup parse_loop_device_name() error paths.
  Close format lib if init_format_fn fails in _init_formats().
  Don't leave /proc/mounts open after dmeventd snapshot event processing.
  Fix out-of-scope arg_vgnames use in process_each_lv().
  Remove incorrect dm_task_destroy(NULL) from _node_clear_table() error path.
  Add missing closedir in _rm_blks after removing stray LVM1 VG files.
  Suppress 'No PV label' message when removing several PVs without mdas.
  Fix default /etc/lvm permissions to be 0755. (2.02.66)

Version 1.02.59 - 6th December 2010
  Add backtraces to _process_mapper_dir and  _create_and_load_v4 error paths.
  Remove superfluous checks for NULL before calling dm_free.

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