[arch-dev-public] [signoff] wicd-1.7.0-1

Daniel Isenmann daniel.isenmann at gmx.de
Sun Jan 17 05:28:27 EST 2010


there is a new version of wicd in [testing]. In the past there were
always problems in upgrading wicd, so I have decided to put it in
[testing] first. Please test it and give me some signoffs.

Big changelog:

	Changes for Packagers:
	- Wicd now supports a -k option, which should be run by the
init script when the daemon is stopped to release the DHCP lease but
should not be run on a restart of the daemon.
	- The ability has been added to split Wicd's components into
multiple directories. Use --gtk, --cli, --curses, and --daemon to
	  setup.py configure to specify the locations of the respective
	- The preferred way to run the GTK UI is now to use wicd-gtk,
not wicd-client. wicd-gtk is a new addition to 1.7 that will never
	  run wicd-curses. wicd-client will automatically decide to run
	  wicd-curses if there is no X session available.

	Major Changes:
	- Connection information is available by right clicking the
	tray icon
	- Can set the hostname per network for all DHCP clients
	- urwid 0.9.9 is now supported
	- Added wicd-cli, a command line interface for use in scripts
	- Global scripts are now passed parameters specifying the

	Minor Changes:
	- Support for only displaying notifications using -o to
	- Reconnecting now works when measuring signal strength in dBm
	- ESSIDs made of numbers now work properly
	- All valid wpa_supplicant drivers are now displayed
	- Wired network is now displayed while scanning wireless
	- Added wicd-gtk, a command to always and only run the GTK UI
	- Marked ioctl backend not supported
	- Use dhcpcd-bin on Debian instead of dhcpcd script


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