[arch-dev-public] SCons major revision update

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Jul 13 09:50:18 EDT 2010

Am 13.07.2010 15:38, schrieb Ray Rashif:
> == extra ==
> hydrogen
> ardour
> linuxdcpp
> == community ==
> ffmpeg2theora
> oregano
> btanks
> kleansweep
> pingus
> dangerdeep
> fceux
> mypaint
> glob2
> We can either update it to version 2 or move version 1 to a scons1
> package. If there are no objections and build issues, I'll go ahead
> with the former, as it doesn't appear to be that popular to warrant
> both major branches in the repos.

You should probably perform random build tests on some of the above
packages and see if they still work with scons 2. Maybe also try some of
the more popular AUR packages.

In general, I agree with you, we shouldn't have to keep two scons
versions around.

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