[arch-dev-public] coreutils - remove i18n patch?

Ionuț Bîru biru.ionut at gmail.com
Sat Jun 12 06:32:36 EDT 2010

On 06/12/2010 09:13 AM, Allan McRae wrote:
> Hi,
> The coreutils-i18n patch we currently use adds some extra support for
> multibyte characters. However, the patch is entirely unsupported
> upstream. I currently rely on the Fedora maintainer to fix any issues
> that are found and to update it for each release. He also finds that
> patch a nightmare.
> So the question is, should we remove that patch? It is not acceptable by
> the usual Arch patching rules given it is not supported upstream, but it
> does provide better multibytle locale support (subject to it
> working...). Removing the patch will probably result in a few
> regressions with multibyte locales, but we can then take those issues
> upstream.
> Any opinions on this?
> Allan

imo i think we should drop it and take this issue upstream.


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