[arch-dev-public] Moving to pkg.tar.xz officially?

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Mar 9 15:41:46 CET 2010

Am 09.03.2010 15:23, schrieb Dale Blount:
> +1.  At some point pacman is going to need a glibc update to work and
> not being able to install glibc because it's a xz is an issue.  We
> should probably add a versioned glibc to pacman's depends so someone
> doesn't end up upgrading pacman and not being able to run it because
> glibc didn't get updated as well.
> Dale

Newer glibc needs a newer kernel quite often, so you end up having half
of core as non-xz (a rule which has already been violated right now).

Even the 2009.08 image should have xz support already (with a bug that
fails to extract xz -9 packages but not xz -6 packages), so we should be
okay, mostly.

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