[arch-dev-public] [aur-general] Warning: MESA 7.9 going to testing

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Oct 12 16:51:01 EDT 2010

Am 12.10.2010 22:06, schrieb Dan McGee:
> Honestly, can this decision to split the package be explained a bit
> more? I feel like we've gone a little overboard on doing some of these
> splits. Saving 405K from a package (installed, while only 80K on the
> download!) seems silly for the number of "where did my glx* tools go"
> and "I installed mesa but don't have glx*" questions that are going to
> arise now, especially from long-time Arch users.

It was in a separate package for some time in the past, then merged into
mesa again. I agree with Dan here.

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