[arch-dev-public] New Distribute packages for [extra]

Stéphane Gaudreault stephane at archlinux.org
Thu Oct 21 23:16:58 EDT 2010

Setuptools is a popular method to make Python modules easier to install. 
However, it seems that the Setuptools author has been very slow to integrate 
bugfixes and there was almost no developement for a long period of time.  Due 
to non-maintenance of Setuptools, the project has forked. Distribute is a 
compatible fork intended to replace Setuptools as the standard method for 
working with Python module distributions.


Distribute uses the same module name than Setuptools package and also use the 
same API. Setuptools users do not have to change their code to use Distribute 
instead of Setuptools. Recent versions of Distribute also supports Python 3.

Most Linux distributions (Debian/Ubuntu, Fedora or Gentoo for example) have 
started shipping Distribute as their Setuptools module. After discussion with 
Allan, we decided to create the following Distribute packages :

* python2-distribute : An alternative to Setuptools (drop-in 
replacement). This package will work with Python 2.x.

* python-distribute : The new "official" method to work with Python 3 modules.

Any objections to bring these packages to [extra] ?

Best regards,


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