[arch-dev-public] Adding multi arch, pkgver and/or pkgrel support in repo scripts

Eric Bélanger snowmaniscool at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 05:05:11 EST 2011


Lately, I've started to look into adding support in the dbscripts for
splitted packages with mixed arches (i686/x86_64 and any) and/or
different pkgver, pkgrel. Depending on my free time and how much time
it takes, it could take a while though. I'm just writing to make sure
no-one else is doing it so we don't duplicate work.  If anyone wants
to help out, let me know.  We'll split the work.

Status so far:
-devtools is done but I haven't tested for regressions yet.  I can
post a git patch now if you feel it would be better or wait until
everything is done.

-dbscripts is in progress.  db-update is done but probably need more
testing. I'm curently working on db-move.  I haven't check the rest of
the scripts and cron-jobs yet.


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