[arch-dev-public] Vi package

Gaetan Bisson bisson at archlinux.org
Thu Feb 10 11:49:12 EST 2011

[2011-02-10 11:13:58 -0500] Stéphane Gaudreault:
> In the vim-tiny package, the main executable is /usr/bin/vim.tiny and 
> it has it's own configuration file in /etc/vim/vimrc.tiny. I assume that way 
> there is no confusion between the full vim and the compact one.

I find the name "vim-tiny" makes it quite explicit what the package is;
however, I wouldn't bother avoiding conflicts with "vim" since I do not
see why somebody would want to have this stripped-down version installed
alongside the full-featured vim.

But that's only my opinion; since you do the work, you decide. :)


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