[arch-dev-public] [RFT] initscripts 2011.01-1

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Wed Jan 26 12:34:22 EST 2011

Okay, this has been sitting in git for a loooong time, and I am throwing
it out there. This should receive lots of testing, as there has been
major rewriting done. We need to make sure there are no regressions. It
should also fix a small number of bugs.

New known bugs:
When netcfg's init scripts are called, these lines are printed:
 /etc/rc.d/functions: line 320: declare: add_hook: readonly variable
 /etc/rc.d/functions: line 320: declare: run_hook: readonly variable
This happens when rc.functions is loaded twice, I'll look into fixing that.

This is the shortlog:

Dan McGee (1):
      Unify capitalization of 'Udev'

Dave Reisner (2):
      rc.sysinit: condense calls to mkdir and chmod
      Use modprobe's --all flag instead of looping.

Florian Pritz (1):
      restrict NETWORK_PERSIST to runlevel 0 and 6

Gerardo Exequiel Pozzi (1):
      Add support for serial console

Heiko Baums (3):
      cryptsetup: read keys for non-root LUKS partitions as raw data
from block device
      cryptsetup: abort if LUKS is found on swap partition
      cryptsetup: print name of device being opened

Thomas Bächler (5):
      Remove a redundant subshell, see FS#20016
      Fix two typos introduced by the latest patch series
      Change SWAP sanity check to use blkid in favor of cryptsetup
      Fix isLuks check
      Change copyright and license information

Tom Gundersen (9):
      udevadm: trigger events of type subsystems as well as devices
      udevadm: retry failed udev events after filesystems have been mounted
      udev: do not copy /lib/udev/devices/* to /dev
      locale: set the sysfs value default_utf8 rather than
enabling/disabling utf8 in locale.sh
      mount: forbid suid,exec,dev from /proc and /sys
      lvm: run vgchange in sysinit mode
      lvm: enable/disable monitoring of lvm2 groups
      cryptsetup: fix indentation
      PATH: export a standard path in rc.sysinit

Victor Lowther (15):
      Bashify initscripts.
      A little creative parameter expansion simplifies stat_die().
      Clean up status() function.
      Simplify in_array.
      Finish bashifying functions.
      Bashify rc.multi
      Bashify rc.single.
      Both rc.single and rc.shutdown use the same code to kill everything.
      Bashify rc.shutdown
      Bashify rc.sysinit, part 1
      Rewrite /etc/crypttab processing.
      Bashify netfs
      Bashify adjtime.cron
      Trivial bashification of network script.
      Add a PKGBUILD for building initscripts-git for testing.

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