[arch-dev-public] [prerelease] util-linux-2.20-rc1

Tom Gundersen teg at jklm.no
Fri Jul 29 18:43:00 EDT 2011

Hi guys,

A new and very exciting release of util-linux is imminent. Even though
we only have an -rc1 so far, I thought it might be worthwhile to put
it out there so people can try it out (in case we want anything fixed
before the final release):


I enabled libmount support in mount, but this will probably be
reverted before the final release unless we have good reason to
believe it to be safe.

Major changes:

- agetty gets most of the features from mingetty.
- dmesg gets lots of new filtering capabilities
- mountpoint moves here from sysvinit (we probably have to manually
remove it from the sysvinit package).

We still patch hwclock to move the adjustment file from /etc to /var.
I'm not a big fan of this, and hope to have a backwards compatible
patch to sort things out before 2.21 is released.



Util-linux 2.20 Release Notes

Release highlights

 - mingetty features have been merged to agetty

chrt(1), taskset(1):
 - supports new command line option "--all-tasks" to set or retrieve the
   scheduling attributes of all the tasks (threads) for a given PID

 - supports new command line options: --clear, --console-on, --console-off,
   --ctime, --decode, --facility=<list>, --level=<list>, --show-delta,
   --notime, --kernel and --userspace

 - improved dialogs to be more user-friendly

findmnt(8), partx(8), lsblk(8)
 - support new command line option "--pairs" to enable key="value"
   output format

 - supports new command line options "--poll" and "--timeout" to monitor
   /proc/self/mountinfo changes

 - supports human-readable scheduling class names, for example:
   ionice -c best-effort $PID

 - supports new command line option "-q <sigval>" to use sigqueue(2)
 - supports real-time signals in formats RT<n>, RTMIN+<n> and RTMAX-<n>

 - the API officially stable

 - supports new columns:
     TYPE      - device type
     RQ-SIZE   - queue request size
     STATE     - device state (e.g. running, suspended)
     DALIGN    - discard alignment offset
     DISC-GRAN - discard granularity
     DISC-MAX  - discard max bytes
     DISC-ZERO - discard zeroes data
 - supports new command line option "-D" to print device discard topology

 - improved support for s390 boxes

 - supports minix version 3

 - this NEW COMMAND is libmount based re-implementation of mountpoint(1) from
   sysvinit suite

 - this set of deprecated utils has been REMOVED

 - support new command line option "--timeout" to specify write timeout to
   terminals in seconds.

It's not supported to link with external (e.g. from e2fsprogs) libblkid and
libuuid any more.

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