[arch-dev-public] [signoff] udev-169-1

Ángel Velásquez angvp at archlinux.org
Thu May 19 17:53:53 EDT 2011

2011/5/19 Tom Gundersen <teg at jklm.no>:
> Hi guys,
> This is an upstream update together with the following changes:
> * we no longer disable error logging. This can be done manually if
> needed, but the lack of error messages makes finding errors harder.
> Besides, if the messages are truly unnecessary it should be reported
> upstream.
> * we no longer maintain our own custom cd symlinks. This change is
> just to get closer to upstream, and it does not lose significant
> functionality (also, the custom script is likely to bitrot).
> * we longer autoload oss emulation modules. This can be added to
> MODULES in rc.conf if needed, but is not needed by most people and
> causes problems for some, so don't do i by default. In the future we
> will not load any modules by default except for what is done upstream.
> This seemed the most obvious, so changed it first.
> * we no longer provide persistent net/cd autogeneration rules. This is
> deprecated upstream and should be done as explained on the arch wiki.
> I might leave this package in [testing] somewhat longer than strictly
> necessary to pick up on any obscure bugs (we were hit by some with the
> 168 release).
> Also note: with this release we need kernel 2.6.32 or later.
> Please test and signoff.
> Cheers,
> Tom

Signoff x86_64 tested on some virtuals and my pc.

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