[arch-dev-public] [away] November 12th - December 3rd

Ronald van Haren pressh at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 01:40:47 EST 2011

Hi all,

I'm on vacation for the next three weeks (starting from now + a few hours).

Perhaps one of you guys (devs/TUs) can take care of some things:
- move dhcpcd to [core] when it has the required i686 signoffs
- upgrade emesene to some unofficial version they have around
(microsoft changed the server backend and the current version in the
repos can't connect to the msn server)

Thanks, that should be all. The rest of my packages are up to date
(except one that was just flagged a day ago and one that has a soname
bump). If you feel like updating some packages while I'm away, feel
free to do so.

I'll be in the tropics and most likely won't have any internet connection.

Enjoy yourselves while I'm away!


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