[arch-dev-public] Developer / TU key signing, first master key available

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Tue Nov 22 13:40:08 EST 2011

Am 22.11.2011 19:29, schrieb Daniel Isenmann:
> I know that this process won't complete over night, I just was
> wondering what the next steps are. Just reccieved the mail from you and
> Pierre with the statement that you need at least 3 signatures to be
> trusted by pacman and that's why I have asked. 
> Just wanted to know what the status is and now I know it. ;)
> Thanks...
> Daniel

Next steps, as far as I know:
1) Wait until everyone has at least 3 signatures.
2) Import the master keys using pacman-key.
3) --lsign-key the master keys using pacman-key.
4) Set the trust level of the master keys to "marginal" using pacman-key
5) Set your SigLevel in pacman.conf to TrustedOnly (which is also the
default, unless you configured 'Never' or 'TrustAll').

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