[arch-dev-public] Libexec policy?

Florian Pritz bluewind at xinu.at
Sat Sep 3 04:22:46 EDT 2011

On 03.09.2011 10:05, Jan Steffens wrote:
> I've been wondering why we do not have /usr/libexec.

I think we don't have /usr/libexec because it's not in FHS [1].

> The GNOME packages apparently use --libexecdir=/usr/lib/$pkgname.
> We've been running into problems with GNOME 3.2 because increasingly
> more components depend on the libexecdir being the same across all
> packages (we already had this problem in GDM, where we currently
> patch).
> The other option, used by a few other packages, seems to be using
> --libexecdir=/usr/lib, which seems the next best solution to me. That
> is, if /usr/libexec is not available.

If possible, try to stick to FHS and move application specific stuff
into subdirectories (/usr/lib/$pkgname or if that doesn't work for gnome
maybe /usr/lib/gnome). If none of this works I guess it's okay to use
/usr/lib directly.

[1] http://proton.pathname.com/fhs/

Florian Pritz

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