[arch-dev-public] Some dep changes to ardour

Rashif Ray Rahman schiv at archlinux.org
Sun Aug 5 23:49:07 EDT 2012

Hi guys

Ardour now requires a new lv2 (next-gen ladspa) stack for lv2 plug-ins
support [1], in the form of many small packages instead of just one
small package (slv2). This is best explained by the following:

-slv2 [extra]
+suil [community]
+lilv > sratom > sord > serd [community]

I am also dropping rubberband (and dep vamp-plugin-sdk) to [community]
as ardour uses internal libs regardless of whether SYSLIBS is enabled.
Other distros patch the scons config to make it use system rubberband,
but that is not how we roll. For this reason it no longer serves any
purpose in [extra].

Changes: remove 1 package, drop 2 packages to [community], add 5
packages from [community]

I'll go ahead if there are no objections.

[1] http://drobilla.net/2011/04/29/slv2-is-dead-long-live-slv2/


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