[arch-dev-public] Keeping stuff in /bin, /lib, /sbin

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Sun Jan 29 23:49:49 EST 2012

This will be fun....

What is our ongoing policy on putting things in /bin, /lib and /sbin?

Here are things as I see them:

1) We already have a bunch of things in /bin and /sbin that depend on
libraries in /usr/lib rather than /lib.

2) Booting without /usr mounted is not supported

3) One day we might want to do the much talked about /bin -> /usr/bin
merge.   _ONE DAY_...   _MIGHT_...

So, do we continue putting thinks in /bin and /sbin?  At this time I am
not talking about things that everybody expects to find in /{s,}bin
(e.g. what is supposed to be there according to the FHS), but things we
put there because we thought we should back when booting without /usr
mounted was possible  (e.g. sleep, bzip2, cut, du, ...)

Moving these out of /{s,}bin would make it a lot easier if _ONE DAY_ we
do decide to merge /bin to /usr/bin.  And I mean _A LOT_ easier...
Making changes like that is a real annoyance in a rolling release distro.


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