[arch-dev-public] KDE Package Guidelines (aka AUR plasmoids mess)

Andrea Scarpino andrea at archlinux.org
Sun Jul 15 05:22:49 EDT 2012

On Sunday 15 July 2012 11:18:05 Florian Pritz wrote:
> Why does it matter whether an applet is from KDE upstream or a thrid
> party? You can run pacman -Si oder cower -i kdeplasma-whatever and look
> at the homepage URL to see where it came from if you really need to
> know, but I don't see any need for changing the package name here.

Let's say we start to move some plasmoid from AUR to [extra]/[community] with 
the kdeplasma-addons-applets schema.
So, I (user X which already installed the kdeplasma-addons group) type pacman 
-S kdeplasma-addons-applets and I press tab twice; the output is a very long 
list where the 80% 90% of those packages are already installed on my system. I 
found this annoying.

Also, kdeplasma-addons-applets-$plasmoidname really sucks IMHO.


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