[arch-dev-public] [ANNOUNCE] initscripts-2012.07.3

Ionut Biru ibiru at archlinux.org
Sat Jul 21 17:44:52 EDT 2012

On 07/22/2012 12:40 AM, Pierre Schmitz wrote:
> Am 21.07.2012 23:28, schrieb Ionut Biru:
>> I pretty much hate everything you have described here.
>> We started from a simple and elegant, single file configuration to over
>> 9k(not to mention that i have no freaking idea which one to edit)
>> Bring back the old rc.conf until we are switching to systemd or even
>> better, kill initscripts right now and lets move to systemd.
>> I don't like the transition, we are in the middle and it's frustrating.
> Did you even bother to read what Tom wrote? You can still use your old
> rc.conf. It is just recommend to use the new config files instead. This
> makes using initscripts and systemd in parallel easier. And there are
> not 9k config files but three.
sure i can use my old rc.conf but I'm about to install a new system and
I don't like what I see.

There are more than 3,
1) at least 1 for loading modules in some creepy location
2) hostname
3) time
4) locale
5) fonts

At least 5 files that i have to edit in order to have the same benefit
as I had with only editing 1 file.

> So criticizing is all fine, but please keep it civil and based on
> facts.
> Greetings,
> Pierre


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