[arch-dev-public] fmodex

Rashif Ray Rahman schiv at archlinux.org
Tue Nov 20 09:32:33 EST 2012

On 20 November 2012 22:12, Stéphane Gaudreault <stephane at archlinux.org> wrote:
> I just noticed that we have fmodex (a proprietary audio library) in
> [community]. Considering the discussion we had recently about steam, I think
> that the situation is similar here. The "FMOD Non-Commercial License" does
> not explicitely allow redistribution and allow only non-commercial use [1].
> In the svn repository, there is a PERMISSION file [2], but it looks quite
> imprecise to me.

We have this problem because nowhere do we make this clear. People
shove things into AUR (and from there, community) as long as the stuff
is "redistributable", either obviously, or by consent via e-mail.

We first have to have a page somewhere (e.g. wiki) documenting the
process of verifying redistributable software as well as asking for
permission to redistribute, along with an example (Flash?).

Then, the AUR frontpage needs a line linking to that page. Something like:

Remember to vote for your favourite packages! Some packages may be
provided as binaries in [community]. Note that to be eligible for
inclusion in [community], the software being packaged must be
<href="$thepage">legally redistributable</href>.

> I am not very good in legal stuff, but I think that we need a more formal
> permission to redistribute a possibly modified version of this package and
> to make sure they won't sue us because of the "non-commercial"
> specification.
> Stéphane
> [1] http://www.fmod.org/fmod-sales.html
> [2]
> https://projects.archlinux.org/svntogit/community.git/tree/trunk/PERMISSION?h=packages/fmodex


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