[arch-dev-public] Request to drop some [extra] orphans to [community]

Jonathan Steel mail at jsteel.org
Tue Oct 2 13:19:14 EDT 2012

On Tue, Oct 02, 2012 at 09:24:19AM +1000, Gaetan Bisson wrote:
> Moving aspell would break the repo hierarchy (enchant, kdelibs3, etc.); that
> is not possible. The only orphan language packs in [extra] are:
> 	aspell-en aspell-es aspell-hu aspell-nl aspell-pt aspell-ru
> I'm thinking we should probably keep aspell-en alongside aspell; anyhow, I'll
> just go ahead and adopt it. Let me know which others (if not all) you want me
> to move.

OK that's fine, I think it would only make sense for me to update other
languages if I was maintaining aspell-en at least.  If you think these other
languages are in desperate need for a maintainer I'll take them, but otherwise
I'll leave them for someone who actually speaks that language and uses the

Jonathan Steel
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