[arch-dev-public] Unannounced mass edit of community PKGBUILDs

Gaetan Bisson bisson at archlinux.org
Thu Oct 25 06:29:59 EDT 2012

[2012-10-25 10:07:09 +0300] Evangelos Foutras:
> I noticed that all of my community packages were modified by r78782 [1]
> (Full pkgdesc cleanup for 2339 packages).

Being a fierce proponent of single quotes myself, your message gave me
the impression that those changes were sane and that you were just
pissed by the lack of communication.

Now that I noticed one of my packages was affected too:
- I am outraged by the lack of communication! :D
- I am appalled by how moronic the script was.

On liboping's PKGBUILD:
> -pkgdesc='C library to generate ICMP echo requests, better known as "ping packets"'
> +pkgdesc='Ping packets'

I mean, seriously...


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