[arch-dev-public] Unannounced mass edit of community PKGBUILDs

Alexander Rødseth rodseth at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 11:32:33 EDT 2012

Hi Xyne,

2012/10/27 Xyne <xyne at archlinux.ca>:
> Of course the PKGBUILDs and everything else in the repos belong to Arch, not
> each individual packager. I didn't mean that it was disrespectful in the sense
> of encroaching on others' "property". I meant that it was disrespectful in the
> sense that you concluded that most of the other packagers were producing
> substandard packages and that you needed to help them do it right.

Let me quote the Arch Packaging Guidelines [1]:
When creating a package description for a package, do not include the
package name in a self-referencing way. For example, "Nedit is a text
editor for X11" could be simplified to "A text editor for X11".

And the DeveloperWiki:Bash Coding Style page [2]:
Use single quotes if a string does not contain parseable content.

These are not policies and guidelines that have originated from my own
head, from belief in my own superiority nor out of any disrespect. If
you think otherwise, you're wrong.

I wanted to implement lots of small changes, that people otherwise
won't bother with, that are in compliance with the current guidelines.

I am having a hard time believing you find this to be disrespectful.

> I could clarify further but this is already too far off topic and likely to
> create tension.

No please, do clarify further, if there is anything you haven't made clear yet.

>>I found your implication that my intentions may not have been good troubling...
> "Good intentions or not" is an idiomatic expression. It conveys that I thought
> your intentions were good, but that it doesn't change what follows. Compare
> "believe it or not" [1].

It was satire, since I believe you're making a big deal out of a
miniscule issue.

- Alexander

[1] https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Arch_Packaging_Standards
[2] https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/DeveloperWiki:Bash_Coding_Style

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