[arch-dev-public] kernels: NFS ACL trouble

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Mon Apr 15 04:42:54 EDT 2013

Am 12.04.2013 20:30, schrieb Andreas Radke:
> New stable kernels have been released.
> I suggest to avoid all the NFS lost files and other trouble we've seen
> recently to revert the 4 NFS ACL related commits that went into 3.0.72
> and 3.8.6 when updating our LTS and current kernel. If all is still fine
> after the bump we should inform upstream about the trouble and should
> try to find a proper fix.

I have found out that there is another great fix for the NFS problems:
Reverting to NFSv3.

When did those commits go in? I had serious trouble with 3.8.4 already.

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